How to Dress Up on Boss Birthday

Birthday parties are the occasions where everybody comes with his favorite makeup and dress to look better than others. Some people cross the limit and they all do for show off. That’s not liked by many of others. It’s psychologically has proofed that when you come with minimal make up and some eye-catching colors dress you are attracted by most people in the parties.

But on the birthday of boss this matter becomes totally different as here you come for two purposes i.e first is to look best in the party and other is to say happy birthday boss in a unique way. The way that your boss like you more and may be end up with some promotions for you. Here in this article I am mentioning the some ways of dressing up on your boss birthday. So let’s start

1. Choose Your Personality Colors That Also Relate Birthday Party Theme

A color that is suited by you and also relate somehow with the party theme. Choosing a color is an art these days. Colors make a huge impact on the personality of the person. Colors also predict person’s personality well. Like orange color shows about generousness , optimism of a person.


2. Choose Good Looking Jewelry

Jewelry is a main part of any women or girl dress. Some become very choosy in them but other are OK to go with any. Take a fancy jewelry style that little bit matches with your dress color.



3. Choose Bold Colored Purse

Do a well dressed matching of your shoes and purse colors. You can even do clashing of colors. Like if you are wearing a black color dress. Try to pick a golden color purse with you. That color should be look bold or prominent from your dress color.


4. Choose a Classy Hair Style

Hair style makes a huge contribution in your party look. Do different experiments with your hair styles and come up with a hair style that you think suites you or take some comments from people nearby you at that time.


5. Be Wise in Your Makeup

Now the thing comes for which a women is known for, a dress up part where she spends a lot of time of her dressing. Some go in expensive saloons but some keep doing experiments on her own to come up with a handsome lady. A major part where women do mistake is makeup-base Do it proper with light-weight ratio.



6. Choose an Extra-Ordinary Perfume

A crucial part comes in party dressing that is felt by most of the audience in the party. A light fragrance with a decent smell works a lot better than any other bitter nature smell.