6 Graduation Makeup Ideas to Choose From

Never too early to start planning your makeup for graduation, we assure you that. You can definitely get inspired from a celebrity look, and make do with whatever are the favorites in your closet. But art requires some inspiration and here we brought you that inspiration. Take a look at the following makeup looks and see which ones are suitable for you and which you could pull off the best on your graduation.

6. The Subtle Pink

The all-time beautiful, and oh so snatched. If your skin is on the cool side of the grid, you could totally rock this look. A cool tone foundation with the pink undertones, beautiful lipstick in your preferable hues of pink, as well as a peachy pink blush on the cheeks. The eye look could be an iridescent pink adding the necessary glimmer to the flat look. This is an option if you like to accentuate the pinks in your skin and flatter them with some ultimate mattes.  

5. The Copper Nude

Isn’t that a classic? Especially if you are on the warm side of the spectrum. The best thing is that you can make it as dramatic as you want it to be by adding more browns, burnt shades and golds to the look to make it even more appealing. The bronzer and contours would also add the warm depth and life to the look. This is perfect for a day time event like a graduation party.


4. The Shimmery Gray

Another recommendation for the cool tones, a perfect grey silver and black transition for a smokey eye. Glitter is your thing? Then this your look. Add a cut crease glitter to the inner corners of your eyes in a classic grey smokey eye and make it shine. But keep it subtle with the lip color because after all, it is a graduation event. Use cool tone lip colors like pinks they complement it a lot. Also, an icy silver highlighter would be the icing on top of a lovely cake.

3. The Summer Vibes

Is your summer complete without the perfect hints of peach on the cheeks? Ours is not as well. Everybody loves that bright pinky and summery colors on the lips. To complement and highlight those brighter hotter shades, the other makeup must be comparatively delicate and not so overwhelming. Natural beige highlighter to show that natural glow from within, as well as the foundation of your choice no matter what the undertone is. However, the color of the lipstick from the brighter spectrum must be chosen carefully depending upon the skin tone. A pop of color in the eye would not hurt anyone as well.


2. The Bold and Beautiful

bold and beautiful - laencuadre

You like the oh-so-dramatic look, we got you covered. No doubt you will be a high school or college graduate one time only, and it is your time to shine girl. Because having a reputation to behold is not easy. This look will make you feel bold and confident. Go for a deep smokey eye if you are in cool undertone go for the grey and black. If warm undertone then brown and copper would make the perfect dramatic eye. A beautiful bold lipstick with the amazing smokey eye would be the definition of bold and beautiful, let’s say your favorite shade of red.


1. Midnight Dark Vibes

Isn’t it true that the Goth vibes will not be out of style soon enough? Well, we love to see some dark eye coupled with the dark midnight themed lip colors. A pale foundation preferably one or two tones lighter than the original skin color would do. A black liner in the waterline, black eyeliner on the lids blended out with some black eye shadow as well as a deep purple or deep maroon lipstick could create your perfect look as the midnight vibes.