Black Eye Makeup Looks to try in 2019

The dark sultry look and depth of black eye makeup could complement any eye color, any eye shape and any skin tone with no discrimination. One of the most beautiful eye-shadow color which could add dimensions in so many eye looks can create so many eye-looks itself. Get ready to dive in the adventure of dark, deep matte brown shade everyone’s favorite for those extra days. And see for yourself what you can create out of all those black pigments lying around in your makeup drawers.


1. The Classic Black Eye Complete

Never too old, never too done with that. An overall black could just amaze your guests at an evening party, or make your friends go wow at the prom night. A deep pigmented black over the top of the lid highlighted with a decent sparkly shade at the inner corners as well as smoking out the lower lash line with the excess pigment is more than enough for this one. Perfect formal wear you could rock with absolutely anything without a doubt. Make sure to start with a good eye primer so the color of the black shade comes out the strongest.


2. Black with Darker colors on topBlack with darker shades - laencuadre

Black goes well with the darker colors. The black eye makeup is mostly derived from the darkest variants of most colors so it blends out perfectly with them to give you the vibes of the color you are wearing or you completely adore. Take a darker black eyeliner and draw a dramatic winged eyeliner on the top lid. To make it fun and interesting you can add that color on the bottom lash line or you could keep up with the black vibe and smoke it out with the lower lash line.


3. The Black Halo Eye

Keeping up with the trends in this makeup era, the halo cut crease moment is so good and fresh the moment. A darker eye-shade on the entire lid smoked out towards the crease and brow bone and then the halo technique. Take a flat brush with some concealer on it and tap it between the eyelid. This gives a clean slate for a lighter color dimension in between. Then add the shimmery silver color and smoke the borders of halo with the black shadows so the lines will not look harsh.


4. Black with Warm Tone Shades

The warm sultry look of a brown eye shadow blended out perfectly with the black eye makeup, the deepest warmest shade of all (or coolest for that matter). Take the black on the eyelid after putting a lighter warmer shade in the crease. Then buff out the black from the eyelid to the brow bone using a darker warm tone color. Bring that mixture of brown and black to the lower lash line and buff it out subtly till the inner corner.


5. Black with Neutral Shades

Neutral shades add that balance to the dark eye makeup by canceling out the too much of the darkness effect by being in the barely noticeable shades. The black eye makeup, when blended with a lighter neutral shade, have a blended region in the middle to ensure no harsh lines exist at the top of the lid. The darker eyeliner on top of the evened out eye-shadow must be added to give a dramatic lash line effect.


6. Black with Brighter ShadesBlack wirh brighter shade - laencuadre

A pop of color is the drama you are looking for in the world of deepest darkest blacks? You have got the right vibe going on in here. Take the brightest shade you love on the cut crease of a perfectly blended out black and keep on blending and bluffing until you get that desired ratio of color to black eye-shadow pigments. Very bright colors look ultimately stunning on the people with the perfect addition of black eye makeup on the top of the lid.