Ramadan Foods That Can Help You Stay Fit, Healthy and Beautiful

In the holy month of Ramadan, while fasting, it is significant that you maintain your health. The first thing is to have healthy Ramadan Foods. The following are a few instructions that can help you stay healthy and fit during Ramadan.


You should drink a lot of fluids, select fluid-rich foods to make sure your body is well-hydrated for the day and go for starchy foods for power, selecting wholegrain or high fiber varieties where possible as such tend to be digested more gradually. The following are a few examples:

  • Oats:

These are whole-grains, and you can select porridge, which will also offer fluids as it is made with water or milk, or yogurt or muesli with milk. You can experiment with dried or fresh fruit, seeds or nuts as toppings.

  • High-fiber Breakfast Cereals:

These offer a lot of fiber and are frequently fortified with minerals and vitamins, providing more nutrients. Because they’re eaten with milk, you also get nutrients and fluid like iodine, calcium, and vitamin b from the milk.



  • Starchy Foods Such As Couscous Or Rice:

You can try rice pudding with fruits or try out couscous or other grains with fruit or dairy. If you choose savory foods at Suhoor, then make certain these aren’t too salty, or they might make you extremely dehydrated.

  • Yogurt:

It can be a great food to have at Suhoor as it offers nutrients such as calcium, protein, b vitamins and iodine and also holds fluid. You can mix it with fruit and cereal.

  • Bread:

Choose wholegrain ones as these offer more fiber, for instance, whole-meal chapattis or toast. Evade mixing bread with salty foods like preserved meats or hard cheese. You can try soft cheese, nut butter (without additional salt), or banana. As bread is quite dry, make sure you drink a lot of water or other fluids, or you can have fluid-rich foods like a lentil soup. In a few countries, lentil soup is a traditional food at Suhoor.


When first breaking your fast opt for a lot of fluids, fluid-rich, low-fat foods and foods having some natural sugars for power (evade having a lot of drinks or foods with added sugars). The following are some examples of Ramadan foods:

  • Drinks:

Milk, water, smoothies or fruit juices, water offers hydration without any added sugars or extra calories. Drinks based on fruit and milk offer some natural nutrients and sugars, these are also great to break the fast but evade drinking a lot of drinks with extra sugars after breaking your fast as these can offer too many calories and sugars.

  • Dates:

Traditionally consumed to break the fast since the era of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), dates are a great thing to break your fast as they offer natural sugars for strength, provide minerals like copper, potassium, manganese and fiber. You can also try other dried fruits like figs, apricots, prunes or raisins, which also offer nutrients and fiber.

  • Fruits:

A traditional method to break your fast in the South Asian cultures, fruit provides natural sugars for strength, fluid and a few minerals and vitamins.

  • Soup:

Traditional in numerous Arab countries, soup is a light way of breaking your fast and offers fluid. Traditional soups that are based on a meat potage and frequently hold pulses, like beans and lentils, and starchy foods like grains or pasta providing energy and nutrients.

After Breaking Your Fast:

Ramadan Foods differ between diverse cultures but try to make certain the foods you have to offer a balance of fruit, starchy foods, and veggies, dairy foods and protein-rich foods such as fish, meat, beans and eggs. For instance, you can have a variety of curries including meat, fish, pulses and vegetables, served with chapattis, rice, and yogurt.

After a long day of fasting, it is natural to desire to treat yourself but try keeping the number of sugary drinks and sugary and fatty foods you consume to a small amount because health is also important to look beautiful. Keep in mind that you just have a comparatively short time every day to drink and eat to give your body with all the vital fluids and nutrients it requires to be healthy, so the quality of the diet is particularly significant during the holy month of Ramadan.

How to Dress Up on Boss Birthday

Birthday parties are the occasions where everybody comes with his favorite makeup and dress to look better than others. Some people cross the limit and they all do for show off. That’s not liked by many of others. It’s psychologically has proofed that when you come with minimal make up and some eye-catching colors dress you are attracted by most people in the parties.

But on the birthday of boss this matter becomes totally different as here you come for two purposes i.e first is to look best in the party and other is to say happy birthday boss in a unique way. The way that your boss like you more and may be end up with some promotions for you. Here in this article I am mentioning the some ways of dressing up on your boss birthday. So let’s start

1. Choose Your Personality Colors That Also Relate Birthday Party Theme

A color that is suited by you and also relate somehow with the party theme. Choosing a color is an art these days. Colors make a huge impact on the personality of the person. Colors also predict person’s personality well. Like orange color shows about generousness , optimism of a person.


2. Choose Good Looking Jewelry

Jewelry is a main part of any women or girl dress. Some become very choosy in them but other are OK to go with any. Take a fancy jewelry style that little bit matches with your dress color.



3. Choose Bold Colored Purse

Do a well dressed matching of your shoes and purse colors. You can even do clashing of colors. Like if you are wearing a black color dress. Try to pick a golden color purse with you. That color should be look bold or prominent from your dress color.


4. Choose a Classy Hair Style

Hair style makes a huge contribution in your party look. Do different experiments with your hair styles and come up with a hair style that you think suites you or take some comments from people nearby you at that time.


5. Be Wise in Your Makeup

Now the thing comes for which a women is known for, a dress up part where she spends a lot of time of her dressing. Some go in expensive saloons but some keep doing experiments on her own to come up with a handsome lady. A major part where women do mistake is makeup-base Do it proper with light-weight ratio.



6. Choose an Extra-Ordinary Perfume

A crucial part comes in party dressing that is felt by most of the audience in the party. A light fragrance with a decent smell works a lot better than any other bitter nature smell.


6 Graduation Makeup Ideas to Choose From

Never too early to start planning your makeup for graduation, we assure you that. You can definitely get inspired from a celebrity look, and make do with whatever are the favorites in your closet. But art requires some inspiration and here we brought you that inspiration. Take a look at the following makeup looks and see which ones are suitable for you and which you could pull off the best on your graduation.

6. The Subtle Pink

The all-time beautiful, and oh so snatched. If your skin is on the cool side of the grid, you could totally rock this look. A cool tone foundation with the pink undertones, beautiful lipstick in your preferable hues of pink, as well as a peachy pink blush on the cheeks. The eye look could be an iridescent pink adding the necessary glimmer to the flat look. This is an option if you like to accentuate the pinks in your skin and flatter them with some ultimate mattes.  

5. The Copper Nude

Isn’t that a classic? Especially if you are on the warm side of the spectrum. The best thing is that you can make it as dramatic as you want it to be by adding more browns, burnt shades and golds to the look to make it even more appealing. The bronzer and contours would also add the warm depth and life to the look. This is perfect for a day time event like a graduation party.


4. The Shimmery Gray

Another recommendation for the cool tones, a perfect grey silver and black transition for a smokey eye. Glitter is your thing? Then this your look. Add a cut crease glitter to the inner corners of your eyes in a classic grey smokey eye and make it shine. But keep it subtle with the lip color because after all, it is a graduation event. Use cool tone lip colors like pinks they complement it a lot. Also, an icy silver highlighter would be the icing on top of a lovely cake.

3. The Summer Vibes

Is your summer complete without the perfect hints of peach on the cheeks? Ours is not as well. Everybody loves that bright pinky and summery colors on the lips. To complement and highlight those brighter hotter shades, the other makeup must be comparatively delicate and not so overwhelming. Natural beige highlighter to show that natural glow from within, as well as the foundation of your choice no matter what the undertone is. However, the color of the lipstick from the brighter spectrum must be chosen carefully depending upon the skin tone. A pop of color in the eye would not hurt anyone as well.


2. The Bold and Beautiful

bold and beautiful - laencuadre

You like the oh-so-dramatic look, we got you covered. No doubt you will be a high school or college graduate one time only, and it is your time to shine girl. Because having a reputation to behold is not easy. This look will make you feel bold and confident. Go for a deep smokey eye if you are in cool undertone go for the grey and black. If warm undertone then brown and copper would make the perfect dramatic eye. A beautiful bold lipstick with the amazing smokey eye would be the definition of bold and beautiful, let’s say your favorite shade of red.


1. Midnight Dark Vibes

Isn’t it true that the Goth vibes will not be out of style soon enough? Well, we love to see some dark eye coupled with the dark midnight themed lip colors. A pale foundation preferably one or two tones lighter than the original skin color would do. A black liner in the waterline, black eyeliner on the lids blended out with some black eye shadow as well as a deep purple or deep maroon lipstick could create your perfect look as the midnight vibes.


Black Eye Makeup Looks to try in 2019

The dark sultry look and depth of black eye makeup could complement any eye color, any eye shape and any skin tone with no discrimination. One of the most beautiful eye-shadow color which could add dimensions in so many eye looks can create so many eye-looks itself. Get ready to dive in the adventure of dark, deep matte brown shade everyone’s favorite for those extra days. And see for yourself what you can create out of all those black pigments lying around in your makeup drawers.


1. The Classic Black Eye Complete

Never too old, never too done with that. An overall black could just amaze your guests at an evening party, or make your friends go wow at the prom night. A deep pigmented black over the top of the lid highlighted with a decent sparkly shade at the inner corners as well as smoking out the lower lash line with the excess pigment is more than enough for this one. Perfect formal wear you could rock with absolutely anything without a doubt. Make sure to start with a good eye primer so the color of the black shade comes out the strongest.


2. Black with Darker colors on topBlack with darker shades - laencuadre

Black goes well with the darker colors. The black eye makeup is mostly derived from the darkest variants of most colors so it blends out perfectly with them to give you the vibes of the color you are wearing or you completely adore. Take a darker black eyeliner and draw a dramatic winged eyeliner on the top lid. To make it fun and interesting you can add that color on the bottom lash line or you could keep up with the black vibe and smoke it out with the lower lash line.


3. The Black Halo Eye

Keeping up with the trends in this makeup era, the halo cut crease moment is so good and fresh the moment. A darker eye-shade on the entire lid smoked out towards the crease and brow bone and then the halo technique. Take a flat brush with some concealer on it and tap it between the eyelid. This gives a clean slate for a lighter color dimension in between. Then add the shimmery silver color and smoke the borders of halo with the black shadows so the lines will not look harsh.


4. Black with Warm Tone Shades

The warm sultry look of a brown eye shadow blended out perfectly with the black eye makeup, the deepest warmest shade of all (or coolest for that matter). Take the black on the eyelid after putting a lighter warmer shade in the crease. Then buff out the black from the eyelid to the brow bone using a darker warm tone color. Bring that mixture of brown and black to the lower lash line and buff it out subtly till the inner corner.


5. Black with Neutral Shades

Neutral shades add that balance to the dark eye makeup by canceling out the too much of the darkness effect by being in the barely noticeable shades. The black eye makeup, when blended with a lighter neutral shade, have a blended region in the middle to ensure no harsh lines exist at the top of the lid. The darker eyeliner on top of the evened out eye-shadow must be added to give a dramatic lash line effect.


6. Black with Brighter ShadesBlack wirh brighter shade - laencuadre

A pop of color is the drama you are looking for in the world of deepest darkest blacks? You have got the right vibe going on in here. Take the brightest shade you love on the cut crease of a perfectly blended out black and keep on blending and bluffing until you get that desired ratio of color to black eye-shadow pigments. Very bright colors look ultimately stunning on the people with the perfect addition of black eye makeup on the top of the lid.

Blonde Selfie Ideas and Tips For You

Beautiful shades of blonde often lead to complicated pictures. Sometimes you can’t really tell what the exact shade of the hair is. Spending so much money on the salon treatment to maintain that perfect platinum blonde or get that adorable ash blonde, and alas no one can admire the real shade you opted for. Ever met people who said, wow your hair look beautiful in person? Then you definitely need to read this article to make sure you are capturing your blonde selfie right.


1. Angles Matter

Choosing the right angle is about holding the phone in the correct direction to capture the best moment and best possible side of your hair and face. We can agree that normal people have certain problem areas in their skin or hair, including bald patches, hair root regrowth, dandruff or receding hairline etc. And no one wants to capture that for a perfect picture. Be experimental with the angles and choose the ones which do not accentuate the problem areas of your beautiful hair for the blonde selfie.


2. Choose the Right LightingChoose the Right Lighting - laencuadre

And lighting could not get any less important with the passage of time. People are always ignoring the fact that the light reflects the color of the hair and to get it right a right hue of color or intensity of the light must be checked. Pictures come the best in natural sunlight, but in case you are indoors, check out for better lighting conditions under the certain areas of the room or space to see where the blonde shade looks the most flattering.


3. Style them Generously

Avoid being lazy and style those golden locks more frequently. Not all hairstyles are damaging or requiring heat tools or certain hair products. Use the styling tools and products as well, but when you are thinking to relax them a little bit, play around with bobby pins and rubber bands as well. Adorable braids, buns, ponytails, waves, straightened hair and so much more you can do with them.


4. Set Your Face Properly

Taking a selfie while your hair looks flawless, the direction of your face matters as well. As a rule of thumb, your face must always move away from your neck as it causes more visibility of the face in good lighting as well as is so much better for the hair. It helps to conceal receding hairline, top roots of the hair if they need concealing and focuses on the lengths of the hair which actually require attention. You could also try tilting motions for the face to see which of the position makes the flow of the blonde hair gorgeous in the natural wind or in the indoor settings.


5. Get the Makeup Right get the makeup right - laencuadre

One other way to get an advantage in your blond selfies is to make sure your makeup perfectly complements the vibe you are going with that day or your hair in general. For example, if your blonde is a cool tone blonde with the shades of grey, blue in it, then you should accompany it with some cool tone makeup and you can play around with a lot of makeup like brighter lip colors, subtle blushes etc. If your blonde is more towards the warm tone, having peach, red or orange undertones, then you can complement with deeper golds, browns, burnt orange, and other warm tone makeup.


6. Consider Your Background

The color of the background you are in front of while taking your perfect blond selfie is important because a color behind can either accentuate the color or either make it duller and far away from the actual reality. The natural backgrounds of landscapes and the open area do not really mess up the hair color perception and visualization that much, but if the person is in a studio setup where very bright backgrounds are available as an option, a color complementing the undertones of the blonde hair must be picked.


Top 8 Brad Pitt Hairstyles Every Guy Should Try

Brad Pitt Hairstyles are an obsession among the young guys for a very long period of time now. Following celebrities is becoming more and more of a sensation since people already know how a certain look makes a person better or worse by seeing them on celebrities. While many of us can agree that some of their styles can be a miss, most of them are hits. Brad is a style icon in so many ways and people feel so proud to pull off a Brad inspired hairstyle in particular. Here are some popular styles rocked by Brad which are so sensational and chic that every guy should try them out at least once in their life.

1. The Backward Volumized Hair

It is one thing to throw the hair away from the face by combing them backwards. But with Brad, even that is so stylish. We could definitely notice some texture in the hair as the volume is comparatively better and more flattering. To achieve this look, the hair are supposed to be blown dry in the opposite direction to ensure the airy volumized look.


2. The Slick back hair

Trendy always and classy more than usual, slick back hair make us love him even more. One of the classic Brad Pitt Hairstyles is the accompanied goatee with the look which is even more good to look at. Brad usually slays gray hair in his looks these days, affirming that he is aging like a classy wine.


3. Low Pony with Loose Hair Pieces

Long hair are often difficult to style because options for carrying them properly are decreased when the volume increases. So here is another look for the folks with longer hair. A low pony behind and a few loose pieces of hair coming out on to the face. The random stray pieces definitely make this look more appealing and a bit on messy and casual side. The front is parted so the sections could fall beautifully on the front. The pony is loosened to add some volume in the hair.


4. Long and Wavy Open Hair

The effortless and chic open long hair with some natural waves in the hair styled together with the signature goatee looks incredible on Brad. His hair color here is a warmer tone of blonde with some darker undertones and darker roots adding a balance to his cool undertone skin. The goatee has some grey hair pieces adding the look of maturity and grace to the picture.


5. Modern Semi Shaved Semi Slick HairBradPitt - laencuadre

This is by far the most admired out of the Brad Pitt Hairstyles as Brad had this in a Fury, and he looks so rugged and handsome in this. A part of his scalp is partially shaven, and the other hair are about one to two inches long set backwards in a slick style. This haircut could be styled in so many ways and each of them would look contemporary and stylish.


6. Messy Low Man Bun

How adorable is that messy hair styled in an incredibly stylish low man ban, with a few baby hair going around at the forehead. Pitt slays this look with his long hair and anyone can if the hair from front are slightly loose so some volume could be increased.


Check out our other Makeup Ideas.


7. Straightened Parted Long Hair

One more effortless style, mostly straightened but with some texture because we all know Brad’s hair are not that thick. He slightly parted his hair too, and the side pieces are tucked behind the ear to give a graceful look to the face. And those shades are not any less stylish.


8. Dark Slick Back Hair with Goatee

This Brad Pitt Hairstyle has slightly darker tone of hair almost brunette, with elongated sideburns and a mustache on the face. The hair are combed backwards and a neat look is achieved. His unique shade of blue eyes goes well with his hair color.

Makeup Brands That Are 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan

Choosing a good makeup brand and sticking to it may sound impractical, but it is what most of the people do anyways. We come to know with the passage of time that all brands have some strengths and weaknesses. Maybe a brand has the most pigmented eye palettes, but they lack in foundations. Maybe a brand gives ultimate full coverage creamy concealers, but they lack at the liquid lip formula. Animal testing is a serious topic raised in the beauty community because people wanted answers that they are getting these safe cosmetics but at what expense. Some brands support this cause and others keep on functioning the traditional, cruel way. So take a look at some of these makeup brands which are marketed as cruelty-free meaning they are not being tested on innocent animals at any stage of production as well as are also made out of vegan ingredients.

Makeup Brands That Are 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan

Milani Cosmetics

Milani has a complete range of facial products covering all the steps of a full glam makeup so you can achieve the look of your dreams with a brand who cannot bear cruelty on animals as well as promises you vegan products for your face. Their face products cover wide ranges of products for oily as well as normal to dry skin types so everybody could have something for themselves.

Two faced

Two faced would never disappoint you for their flawless foundations and unmatched quality of synthetic makeup brushes in their product lines. However, you could get a cherry on the top, all these amazing products knowing that no animals were hurt in the process.

Tarte Cosmetics

The undying Tarte Shape Tape Concealers along with their mind-blowing ranges in glosses, primers as well as so many vegan beauty tools like sponges and brushes would make your day too vegan to be true. That’s why people cannot wait to be part of the Tarte family, which is a happy, vegan and uncruel tartelette.

Urban Decay Cosmetics

Urban Decay has a huge range of affordable and uncompromised quality products which certainly speak for themselves. Their tremendous product lines are not limited to affordable or good quality anymore, because they offered a vegan line and are continuously aiming to expand that line with time. So much would be coming in for the vegans now, so stay tuned for Urban Decay people!

Wet n Wild Beauty

This is the makeup brand which could be easily found in many outlets and is for sure so much affordable than many others out there. The regular products are adored in the audience whereas the vegan product line got applause from the beauty community as well. They had very popular vegan brushes after which they decided to increase the product line with some other vegan products and the list became very long now.  

Lush Cosmetics

Lush cosmetics had a significant role in determining the importance of animal cruelty and standing up for stopping it, especially in the beauty industry. He vegan products have elaborate labels about the lack of animal ingredients in them, as well as you will find the staff members so cooperative to help you choose the right product for you that you would love to shop here again next time.

Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty - Laencuadre

So Kat Von D decided to turn her entire product line into a vegan line because of the amazing success of the brand! If you are confused which of them are regular and which of them are vegan, the products after the brand’s transitioning are after #VeganAlert so anyone could get the information they require about the products.


Cruelty-Free makeup is a new step to a being a better and responsible human being. Being the most compassionate and empathetic creature in the world, it is our civic duty to protect those who cannot. These cosmetics manufacturers vigorously test the makeup products on innocent rabbits because of their inability to protect themselves and being so vulnerable to those lab experiments. We would recommend you to support these makeup brands which take a step further to stand up for things that matter, so buy their products and support this noble cause, because those rabbits are truly innocent.