Blonde Selfie Ideas and Tips For You

Beautiful shades of blonde often lead to complicated pictures. Sometimes you can’t really tell what the exact shade of the hair is. Spending so much money on the salon treatment to maintain that perfect platinum blonde or get that adorable ash blonde, and alas no one can admire the real shade you opted for. Ever met people who said, wow your hair look beautiful in person? Then you definitely need to read this article to make sure you are capturing your blonde selfie right.


1. Angles Matter

Choosing the right angle is about holding the phone in the correct direction to capture the best moment and best possible side of your hair and face. We can agree that normal people have certain problem areas in their skin or hair, including bald patches, hair root regrowth, dandruff or receding hairline etc. And no one wants to capture that for a perfect picture. Be experimental with the angles and choose the ones which do not accentuate the problem areas of your beautiful hair for the blonde selfie.


2. Choose the Right LightingChoose the Right Lighting - laencuadre

And lighting could not get any less important with the passage of time. People are always ignoring the fact that the light reflects the color of the hair and to get it right a right hue of color or intensity of the light must be checked. Pictures come the best in natural sunlight, but in case you are indoors, check out for better lighting conditions under the certain areas of the room or space to see where the blonde shade looks the most flattering.


3. Style them Generously

Avoid being lazy and style those golden locks more frequently. Not all hairstyles are damaging or requiring heat tools or certain hair products. Use the styling tools and products as well, but when you are thinking to relax them a little bit, play around with bobby pins and rubber bands as well. Adorable braids, buns, ponytails, waves, straightened hair and so much more you can do with them.


4. Set Your Face Properly

Taking a selfie while your hair looks flawless, the direction of your face matters as well. As a rule of thumb, your face must always move away from your neck as it causes more visibility of the face in good lighting as well as is so much better for the hair. It helps to conceal receding hairline, top roots of the hair if they need concealing and focuses on the lengths of the hair which actually require attention. You could also try tilting motions for the face to see which of the position makes the flow of the blonde hair gorgeous in the natural wind or in the indoor settings.


5. Get the Makeup Right get the makeup right - laencuadre

One other way to get an advantage in your blond selfies is to make sure your makeup perfectly complements the vibe you are going with that day or your hair in general. For example, if your blonde is a cool tone blonde with the shades of grey, blue in it, then you should accompany it with some cool tone makeup and you can play around with a lot of makeup like brighter lip colors, subtle blushes etc. If your blonde is more towards the warm tone, having peach, red or orange undertones, then you can complement with deeper golds, browns, burnt orange, and other warm tone makeup.


6. Consider Your Background

The color of the background you are in front of while taking your perfect blond selfie is important because a color behind can either accentuate the color or either make it duller and far away from the actual reality. The natural backgrounds of landscapes and the open area do not really mess up the hair color perception and visualization that much, but if the person is in a studio setup where very bright backgrounds are available as an option, a color complementing the undertones of the blonde hair must be picked.