Month: January 2019

Top 8 Brad Pitt Hairstyles Every Guy Should Try

Brad Pitt Hairstyles are an obsession among the young guys for a very long period of time now. Following celebrities is becoming more and more of a sensation since people already know how a certain look makes a person better or worse by seeing them on celebrities. While many of us can agree that some of their styles can be a miss, most of them are hits. Brad is a style icon in so many ways and people feel so proud to pull off a Brad inspired hairstyle in particular. Here are some popular styles rocked by Brad which are so sensational and chic that every guy should try them out at least once in their life.

1. The Backward Volumized Hair

It is one thing to throw the hair away from the face by combing them backwards. But with Brad, even that is so stylish. We could definitely notice some texture in the hair as the volume is comparatively better and more flattering. To achieve this look, the hair are supposed to be blown dry in the opposite direction to ensure the airy volumized look.


2. The Slick back hair

Trendy always and classy more than usual, slick back hair make us love him even more. One of the classic Brad Pitt Hairstyles is the accompanied goatee with the look which is even more good to look at. Brad usually slays gray hair in his looks these days, affirming that he is aging like a classy wine.


3. Low Pony with Loose Hair Pieces

Long hair are often difficult to style because options for carrying them properly are decreased when the volume increases. So here is another look for the folks with longer hair. A low pony behind and a few loose pieces of hair coming out on to the face. The random stray pieces definitely make this look more appealing and a bit on messy and casual side. The front is parted so the sections could fall beautifully on the front. The pony is loosened to add some volume in the hair.


4. Long and Wavy Open Hair

The effortless and chic open long hair with some natural waves in the hair styled together with the signature goatee looks incredible on Brad. His hair color here is a warmer tone of blonde with some darker undertones and darker roots adding a balance to his cool undertone skin. The goatee has some grey hair pieces adding the look of maturity and grace to the picture.


5. Modern Semi Shaved Semi Slick HairBradPitt - laencuadre

This is by far the most admired out of the Brad Pitt Hairstyles as Brad had this in a Fury, and he looks so rugged and handsome in this. A part of his scalp is partially shaven, and the other hair are about one to two inches long set backwards in a slick style. This haircut could be styled in so many ways and each of them would look contemporary and stylish.


6. Messy Low Man Bun

How adorable is that messy hair styled in an incredibly stylish low man ban, with a few baby hair going around at the forehead. Pitt slays this look with his long hair and anyone can if the hair from front are slightly loose so some volume could be increased.


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7. Straightened Parted Long Hair

One more effortless style, mostly straightened but with some texture because we all know Brad’s hair are not that thick. He slightly parted his hair too, and the side pieces are tucked behind the ear to give a graceful look to the face. And those shades are not any less stylish.


8. Dark Slick Back Hair with Goatee

This Brad Pitt Hairstyle has slightly darker tone of hair almost brunette, with elongated sideburns and a mustache on the face. The hair are combed backwards and a neat look is achieved. His unique shade of blue eyes goes well with his hair color.

Makeup Brands That Are 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan

Choosing a good makeup brand and sticking to it may sound impractical, but it is what most of the people do anyways. We come to know with the passage of time that all brands have some strengths and weaknesses. Maybe a brand has the most pigmented eye palettes, but they lack in foundations. Maybe a brand gives ultimate full coverage creamy concealers, but they lack at the liquid lip formula. Animal testing is a serious topic raised in the beauty community because people wanted answers that they are getting these safe cosmetics but at what expense. Some brands support this cause and others keep on functioning the traditional, cruel way. So take a look at some of these makeup brands which are marketed as cruelty-free meaning they are not being tested on innocent animals at any stage of production as well as are also made out of vegan ingredients.

Makeup Brands That Are 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan

Milani Cosmetics

Milani has a complete range of facial products covering all the steps of a full glam makeup so you can achieve the look of your dreams with a brand who cannot bear cruelty on animals as well as promises you vegan products for your face. Their face products cover wide ranges of products for oily as well as normal to dry skin types so everybody could have something for themselves.

Two faced

Two faced would never disappoint you for their flawless foundations and unmatched quality of synthetic makeup brushes in their product lines. However, you could get a cherry on the top, all these amazing products knowing that no animals were hurt in the process.

Tarte Cosmetics

The undying Tarte Shape Tape Concealers along with their mind-blowing ranges in glosses, primers as well as so many vegan beauty tools like sponges and brushes would make your day too vegan to be true. That’s why people cannot wait to be part of the Tarte family, which is a happy, vegan and uncruel tartelette.

Urban Decay Cosmetics

Urban Decay has a huge range of affordable and uncompromised quality products which certainly speak for themselves. Their tremendous product lines are not limited to affordable or good quality anymore, because they offered a vegan line and are continuously aiming to expand that line with time. So much would be coming in for the vegans now, so stay tuned for Urban Decay people!

Wet n Wild Beauty

This is the makeup brand which could be easily found in many outlets and is for sure so much affordable than many others out there. The regular products are adored in the audience whereas the vegan product line got applause from the beauty community as well. They had very popular vegan brushes after which they decided to increase the product line with some other vegan products and the list became very long now.  

Lush Cosmetics

Lush cosmetics had a significant role in determining the importance of animal cruelty and standing up for stopping it, especially in the beauty industry. He vegan products have elaborate labels about the lack of animal ingredients in them, as well as you will find the staff members so cooperative to help you choose the right product for you that you would love to shop here again next time.

Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty - Laencuadre

So Kat Von D decided to turn her entire product line into a vegan line because of the amazing success of the brand! If you are confused which of them are regular and which of them are vegan, the products after the brand’s transitioning are after #VeganAlert so anyone could get the information they require about the products.


Cruelty-Free makeup is a new step to a being a better and responsible human being. Being the most compassionate and empathetic creature in the world, it is our civic duty to protect those who cannot. These cosmetics manufacturers vigorously test the makeup products on innocent rabbits because of their inability to protect themselves and being so vulnerable to those lab experiments. We would recommend you to support these makeup brands which take a step further to stand up for things that matter, so buy their products and support this noble cause, because those rabbits are truly innocent.